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Building a cloud based platform for urban intelligence applications

About Us

We are a team of engineers and scientists passionate about the potential of spatial computing, building a platform for cities that will have a direct impact on people's lives.

We are developing a cloud based platform for urban intelligence applications using 3D maps and geo-spatial data, performing city-scale simulation and analytics. The platform will include technologies to store, simulate, analyze, and visualize large scale spatial models and data to revolutionize the future of urbanization.


Sr Software Developer

(Cloud Computing)

Develop highly scalable cloud based platform communicating with a local/remote client to perform city-scale scale simulation and analytics.

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R&D Scientist


Develop acoustic simulation and visualization algorithms for 3D city-scale maps and perform experiments to validate the model.

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Software Developer


Implement real-time signal processing algorithms, optimizing them for different platforms, and work closely with the software team.

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Software Developer

(3D Graphics Programming)

Work on 3D mesh optimization and simplification, optimized visual renderer and game engine integration for 3D applications.

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